The history of Tiger Platoon

When the blast of war rings in your ears, then imitate the action of the Tiger”

Henry V, Act 3: Scene 1


On the 11th of April 2009 at 19:42hrs GMT+1 Tiger Platoon was founded.

Throughout the last couple of weeks prior to the 11th of April And had been active on the battlefields of Project Reality, and was quick to see its potential for virtual military simulation fighting. The concept was new and still in development, the vision crystal clear. Utilizing tactics, techniques and procedures from the armed forces and moulding them to fit the virtual battlefields of Project Reality and later other franchises. Down the road of history, it would prove to turn into an outstanding fighting unit. Well drilled, trained and disciplined with a strong sense of camaraderie and esprit de corps between those few who served and continue to serve within the ranks of the Platoon.



Making use of his military experience And set out into the virtual battlefields of Project Reality to seek and select the first potential candidates for the Platoon.

These men would eventually grow and evolve into the ‘’filthy few’’, the backbone of the Platoon.

Together they would forge one of the best outfits in Project Reality. Swift and deadly, altruistic and diplomatic, dedicated and loyal. Ruthless to their enemies and Stalwart to their allies. Their names marked with the Tiger known for being an apex predator, forever linked to its destiny.

Drey was the second man to become a Tiger and thus a part of the Platoon. He had a compatible mindset and a willingness to learn. Ultimately becoming the 2IC of the entire Platoon. Passing on what he had learned to those that came after him, which he still does to this day. Heed his words, follow his actions and recognise his service.

In the following few months in mid to end 2009 Star, Vøl, Hest, Rund, Sund and Korp were recruited from the battlefields. All its best and brightest with the most potential to take on the challenge and stand together. The standards were high, the command and control brutally direct and the training extensive, comprehensive and rewarding. What they learned here they not only put to use in game, but in their professional lives too. Many would go on to serve in their respective armed forces and they could recognise the valuable insight they had been granted during their time in service with Tiger Platoon.

Through the autumn and winter months of 2009 and into 2010 And was away. Which for the first time meant Drey would be in command of the Platoon during the IC’s absence. Due to the extensive drilling, training and fighting a strong bonding foundation was laid during the first months of the Platoons existence – which undoubtedly had the intended effect keeping the team together. Throughout these months Dreydel successfully kept the Platoon together.

Early in 2010 Asi made it through the lengthy selection process and into the ranks of the Platoon, followed up by Virt, Edward, Hoog, Cost, Gra and Nør throughout the year. All of them having earned their title and their place amongst the Platoon’s ranks from that day to their last.

Competition was high amongst the Project Reality community throughout 2010 and into 2011. Standards had been set and focus was now on operational readiness on the individual, fireteam and squad level. Our Tigers performed well in the field, slowly but surely creating a reputation within the community. Some of their work can still to this day be enjoyed on YouTube as evidence of their deeds.

Throughout 2011 the Platoon had a influx of new Tigers. It was considered a good year. Men like Schwarz, Mich, Ols made it through selection. Followed up by Ohl, Gustaf, Alfred, Groot, Smoor and Boer. All made their impact on Tiger Platoon with their personality and their own strengths and weaknesses. Some of them would eventually serve amongst the NCO Cadre while others would become Senior Enlisted. A select few of these men can still be found amongst our ranks to this very day.

Every Tiger has a life beyond the Platoon. Priority one was and has always been your personal life. Once a candidate made it through selection and earned his spot amongst the operational ranks of the Platoon. He would at any time be able to drop his shit and focus on his personal life, returning to his brothers when he deemed himself ready. Towards the end of 2011 And was sent to far off places once more, whilst away the Platoon had to stand on its own and continue the legacy laid out for them.

During this time in history the Platoon had a solid foundation, a healthy body count and a core, dedicated and loyal breed of members.

The NCO Cadre at the time took command which would consist of Drey, Star, Rund and Asi. They continued to build and maintain the Platoon holding it together. Quality over quantity was then, is now and will continue to be the motto for recruiting and selection for Tiger Platoon. Like Henry the fifth said at Agincourt “The fewer men the greater share of honour.” and if you’re not a Tiger, your just prey waiting for your name to be called for lunch.

The year of 2012 would increase the Platoon’s ranks with a handful of Tigers. Carefully selected from the public pool, candidates Kerk, Wester, Hannu, and Ami would make it in the first half of the year. Followed up with Gunnar and Mensa during the second half. Increasing the total ranks was an important goal for the year due to discharging a certain percentage underperforming and inactive personnel.


During the year of 2012 Tiger Platoon actively took part in fighting on the 128-man SISU Project Reality server together with various other old community groups and teams. Going from 64 to 100 and later 128 players on one server provided the Platoon with some excellent battles. Battles where the full spectrum of virtual warfare were honed and tested. Leading, fighting and effectively co-ordinating several infantry squads under Platoon command, a mortar squad, armour and apc support and calling in effective CAS on targeted enemy positions. Entire enemy platoon plus size forces would be wiped out on the mountain ranges of Kashan Desert. Everything we had trained, drilled and bonded for during the previous years all came together during those virtual battles. Eventually leading to battles up to 200, 250 and even 300 soldiers on one Project Reality server at the same time. 150 vs 150, 100 vs 100, 64 vs 64.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 recruitment and selection stalled due to the quality of personnel passing selection in previous years and not exceeding a total cap number of personnel. Only a select few; Cava, Beh, Harri, Uyani and Monn made it into the ranks of the Platoon throughout these two years.


The NCO Cadre throughout 2013-15 consisted of Drey, Nør, Kerk, Rund and Mich. Men who throughout their time in service had worked their way up the chain of command within the Platoon. Throughout all the years And would be on and off. Together with a capable element of Senior Enlisted personnel they ensured quality was delivered during inter unit diplomacy within the community, training and fighting on the virtual battlefields of Project Reality. It was needed, the year 2015 saw the largest influx of candidates making it through selection in the entire history of the Platoon. The entire list of candidates making it in throughout 2015 follows here; Bur, Fred, Corn, Kru, Bartło, Semi and Arl. Followed up by; Yildi, Ros, Lehti, Hass, Star and Kok. Out of this large group of successful candidates 7 are still serving within the ranks of the Platoon to this day.

Recruitment and Selection takes months for every single candidate. To put it in perspective - The longest selection period for one candidate took more than one year.




Fast forwarding to 2016, it proved to be a year that would shake the very foundation of Tiger Platoon. In the previous year of 2015 the Platoon had seen a tremendously successful year in terms of recruitment and selection. This considerable addition of young new Tigers added to the ranks meant the possibility and risk of having one rotten element passing through to drastically increase. In civilian companies you will find these individuals, in the armed forces you will find these individuals. The difference between the armed forces and the civilian world is that it is easier to transfer and get rid of a rotten element before permanent damage is done to the team or unit. In the civilian world, companies are often bound to legal obligations where it becomes increasingly difficult to cut off this rotten element dragging down the entire effectiveness of the company.

The large influx of Tigers who passed through selection in 2015 caused one such rotten element to pass within the Platoon. Ultimately corrupting hearts and minds from within. This led to a handful of new and old Tigers to leave the service of Tiger Platoon in July 2016. Shocked at the damage and loss of quality personnel and good men, this day is known as ‘black Tuesday’ within Tiger Platoon.


Moving forward from mid 2016 the Staff element and NCO Cadre made a pledge to never again take in a large number of candidates during a year. We invested too much time and effort moulding them to become part of the brotherhood that is Tiger Platoon.


Thus, the remaining second half of 2016 only saw four new candidates make it through selection later in 2017. These handpicked few were; Roo, Mac, Kink and Oli. All four of these men are still serving within the ranks of the Platoon to this day, and have carved out a respectable career for themselves within the unit.

Focus was put on bonding, camaraderie and esprit the corps once again in 2017 like in the early days of the Platoon. Drilling, training, social bonding and fighting in the virtual battlefields of Project Reality and SQUAD became of the order. In the entire year of 2017 only one candidate made it through selection and became a full member. Psu is still serving with his brothers in the Platoon to this day.


Our latest and youngest Tigers looking at ‘time in service’ are Vii and Rui. Both enlisted in 2018 and made it through selection after months of perseverance and dedication. Both are still serving within the operational ranks of Tiger Platoon.

The current NCO Cadre consists of Drey, Nør, Kerk, Bur and Corn. Together with an experienced and qualified Senior Enlisted group the foundation, experience, leadership and training has never been more solid. For the last two years the NCO2IC position has been filled by both Drey and Nør. These days in 2019 the Platoon can be found fighting in the virtual battlefields of both Project Reality and SQUAD. While maintaining a presence in various other virtual franchises for a good laugh or proper fight during our ‘‘off’’ days.


This is not a military academy or leadership course, but it’s a place to learn from some great minds with unique experiences across various armed forces, civilian backgrounds and countries. Lifelong friendships have been made here within the brotherhood that is Tiger Platoon. A rich, diverse history with genuine friendly brothers who have served together for years, some almost a decade. Discipline, Enthusiasm, Loyalty, Teamwork and Altruism.


To those lucky few who served.

The 11th of April will forever be known as ‘’Tiger day’’.