General rules

1.1 No racism, no xenophobia, no religious talk, no politics, no trolling
1.2 DO NOT spam, troll, incite drama, use racist, bigoted, abusive language in any VoIP/text channel
1.3 DO NOT spam music, annoying sounds, or excessive soundboards through any VoIP channel
1.4 DO NOT Team kill. If by accident apologise in all chat
1.5 Use English language in text and VoIP
1.6 Using cheats, exploits and game glitches is prohibited (Moving a vehicle at main before start and so on)
1.7 If any rule is unclear or an issues requires further consideration and clarification please respect the Game Admins decision.
1.8 You must join a squad!! AFK/unassigned players will be kicked
1.9 Pings above 250 may be kicked
1.10 DO NOT advertise or recruit players on our server in any channel without explicit permission. This is a permanent ban!
1.11 DO NOT share team info, i.e. ticket counts, troop positions, or spawn points with the opposing team. This is a permanent ban!
1.12 DO NOT team switch to gain info or stream snipe. This is a permanent ban!
1.13 When the teams are unbalanced players might be switched in order to balance the teams out. (edited)

Server rules

2.1 You create a squad, you lead it. Doing so may result in kick or disbanding of the squad.
2.2 No one man Squads: The game is based on team play so don't one man a section for your own purpose.
2.3 No camping main base, enemies should be able to leave main base.
2.4 Don't waste team assets: Wasting team assets will always cost a lot of tickets one way or another.
2.5 Streamers should use overlay to cover the map.

Seeding rules (Post Scriptum Only)

During seeding our goal is to fill the server as fast as possible. For this reason we enforce a couple of rules that will make the game a bit easier for lower numbers and more fun for people to join.
These rules will be enforced until both sides have reached a number of over 40 players (20 v 20).

• No destroying/blocking/camping MSP's / FOB's: This will create a situation where there is more spawn points for players to spawn in on. No-one wants to walk/drive for half an hour and then get shot.
• No locked squads: A lot of players are new/have no mic/want to play as a group. They need to join a squad and unlock all roles with more people. Larger sections will enjoy the game and join faster.
• No heavy assets: At low numbers it will be hard to unlock the roles needed in big enough numbers to counter enemy vehicles.
**• No Commander assets: The commander role has abilities that can devastate a game at low numbers, making the game a lot harder and less fun. (edited)

Squad Leaders:

3.1 Name your squad according to its function and do NOT lock your infantry squad below 6 players. (vehicles squads have a special rule 4.1)
3.2 SQUAD LEADERS Must have a microphone and communicate with the team.
3.3 SQUAD LEADERS Must have a squad leaders kit at all times.
3.4 SQUAD LEADERS Must speak English and command channel is English ONLY.
3.5 SQUAD LEADERS Is responsible for their squad and to play the objective!
3.6 SQUAD LEADERS Do not clutter comms use the [KEYPAD] to communicate directly to the squad leaders instead of spamming irrelevant info to all squad leaders. [G]
3.7 Taking up the role as Squad Leader is one of the most demanding roles in Squad. IF you are new to the role as Squad Leader make the other Squad Leaders aware of this and they will help you out.
As stated in the rules this server is as much about teamwork as it is about respecting other players and the community.

Vehicle rules:

4.1 Only the following vehicles are claimable: MBT, IFV, APC and a HELI (Basically only the vehicles who required crew/pilot kit).
4.2 Name the squad after the vehicle your are taking, first name squad has priority over the vehicle.
4.3 Do not remake the squad each time you lose a vehicle in order to claim the other. Communicated over comms if you are allowed to take other vehicles.
4.4 A vehicle must be manned with 2 or more crew members (Choppers are excluded from this)
4.5 Locking the squad is allowed as vehicle crew from 2 and up. (edited)
April 9, 2022


Any breach of these rules may result in kick or ban. Admins will always strive to warn before such action
but in clear cut cases of abuse of the rules - kick or ban may be imposes without prior warning.
All kicks/bans will be logged with reason.
If an Admin is not available, please contact us through Discord  and we will respond as quick as possible.
If you think you have been unfairly kicked or banned you are also welcome to address this in Discord.
Have fun on our server!!