So you aspire to become a part of the Platoon…
Before you proceed know that we are in no need of voyeurs, half assed commitments, snowflakes or other safe space requiring self-entitled civilian hopefuls.
We are however looking for eager, enthusiastic and dedicated potential candidates with a strong backbone, discipline and perseverance . You can come straight from the civilian world or with experience from your country’s armed forces. You will need thick skin or thick skin will form during your selection.
The Platoon’s foundation is based upon a military hierarchy. Orders are given and they are expected to be followed. Each Tiger knows his mate left and right of him, knowing his strengths and weaknesses. All eyes will be on you throughout selection.



Background, race, creed, education or fortune does not matter. Everyone starts the same here. Rank, position and responsibility is not given - it is earned. You start the same as so many others have done before you during the past 10 years - either passing, dropping on request or failing selection.
The official age requirement is 21 years of age. Waivers down to 18 years of age based on vouchers, maturity and life experience.
The standard procedure is to take applicants from Europe, however for the right candidate we are willing to make the rare exception.
Currently we are recruiting from the public pool in both SQUAD and Project Reality.

1.    Continue to the forum and register.

2.    Write your own Enlistment Application in the Enlistment Process forum section.

3.    Await for Staff or NCO Cadre to respond.