We are the Platoon, we resemble everything that the Tiger Platoon is. Looking back we've been around in the Project Reality and SQUAD community for over 10 years. 
It's been a good run thus far, we've set the foundation and are here to stay for years to come. When we are 'on', we are on to win the fight with the training, discipline and cameraderie that exists in this unit.

 Like in the military there is a time for fighting, training and rest and recreation. This means there is a clear difference between being 'on' and having 'laid back' atmosphere. 
We provide both, realizing this is a crucial factor to keep morale high within the unit.
As a potential candidate / aspirant you are taught by serving or retired military personnel or civilians that have been trained up from scratch to the standard we've set from day one.  

 We all have work, family, vacations, business trips, exercises in foreign countries or missions abroad. If you are looking for a group that plays 24/7 non-stop then this is not the place for you.

The average age is in the  mid to late twenties, therefore maturity is not a problem. The official age requirement is 21 years of age. Waivers 18 years of age pending on activity, maturity, acceptance in the group and the correct state of mind.   


 Do you consider yourself a candidate / aspirant to become part of Tiger Platoon?

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