We are the Vanguard, embodying the essence of the Tiger Platoon in every way. Looking back on our record since formation, we have been an integral part of the Project Reality and SQUAD communities for almost 15 years.

Our path has been filled with successes and challenges that we have overcome, establishing a solid foundation that ensures our presence for the years to come. When we enter the area of operation, we do so with unwavering determination, fueled by our rigorous training, unwavering discipline, and unbreakable camaraderie embodying the 'Tiger Spirit'.

Similar to the armed forces, we understand the importance of balance and the importance of morale. There are times for intense and brutal battles, rigorous training, and moments of rest and recreation. We recognize the clear distinction between being fully 'switched on' and embracing a more relaxed atmosphere.

In our Troop, we provide both, acknowledging that maintaining high morale is crucial. As a potential candidate or aspirant, you will be guided by experienced military personnel and civilians who have undergone extensive training to meet the standards we established from day one.

Life is multifaceted for us, with responsibilities such as work, family, vacations, business trips, international exercises and missions abroad. If you seek a group that fights incessantly, around the clock, then our Troop may not be the right fit for you.

Our members typically fall within the mid twenties to end forties, ensuring a level of maturity that is integral to our Troop dynamics. While the official age requirement is 21 years old, we may consider waivers for individuals who are 18 years old, depending on their level of activity, maturity, acceptance within the group, and their overall mindset.


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