This SQUAD group has a military structure and is run in a military fashion.
Our members consist of serving and retired military personnel and civilians trained up from scratch to our standard.
Only a select few become part of this highly trained group, all personnel have throughout time been carefully handpicked from the public pool of players, and all candidates from the very beginning have gone through the same training.
As a direct result of this we are a closely bonded tight knit group.
 Here we put emphasis on the ability to follow orders without hesitation, respect for superiors and peers, loyalty, teamwork and still being able to think independently when the situation requires it, creating a bond of brotherhood.
The Platoon was founded on the 11th april 2009.

* The standard won't drop, the bar won't be lowered. It is our duty to ensure that future generations of Tiger Platoon members have the same level of expertise, loyalty and mentality like the breed of members we have created since the very beginning.