So you aspire to become a member of Tiger Platoon... 

Here we put emphasis on the ability to follow orders without hesitation, respect for superiors and peers, loyalty, teamwork and still being able to think independently when the situation requires it, creating a bond of brotherhood. 

-SSGT. Andersson


Prepare for and long path ahead of you if you wish to join the ranks of the Platoon. Roughly 2/5 make it through. Becoming one of us is not something that is achieved over night, there is no 'set' trial period. In the past we've had members that were aspirants for 3-4 months before they officially earned their place in the Platoon. 

Training and forming aspirants that come from the public pool of players take's time, it is therefore crucial that we profile and ensure that only the best candidates are selected and eventually pass through and officially become a full member.



In your Aspirant period you will be taught a great deal of operating procedures, tactics, communication procedures and general behavior that is sought and fought for by TP.

 This makes us who we are. 


If you do endure the training and pass the FINEX you will become a full member of Tiger Platoon. 


Basic requirements


- 21 years of age

- Functional headset

- From North Western and Northern Europe.

- Preferably PR experience

- Project Reality 


Additional requirements will follow up in your personal briefing over our VOIP program. 

You may see this as sort of a first impression and quick evaluation of you as a person. 

If you still are motivated to become part of this tight knit group after reading the above, continue to our forum and follow the following steps.


- Register

- Write your enlistment application (instructions on what to include can be found in the enlistment process forum section.) 


* NOTE :IF you have been approached by a Platoon member ingame mention this in your Enlistment Application !

When this is done things start rolling, and before you know it you will be speaking to one of our NCO's or Staff element.