When the blast of war rings in your ears, then imitate the action of the Tiger”

  • Henry V, Act 3: Scene 1

At 7:42pm on the evening of the 11th April 2009 a great moment in history occurred. The few who witnessed it reported a flash of purple lightning from the sky and the foundation stone was laid as a thought occurred to SSgt Andersson. He had been playing Project reality (P.R.) for a few months and had been quick to see its potential as a Military simulation PC game. The concept was new and still in development, however great things would one day come to fruition and Andersson was ideally suited to handling the task ahead utilizing tactics, techniques and procedures from the armed forces and moulding them to fit P.R.

Harnessing his skills from active military operations with years of dedicated honourable service to his country and combining with his drive, enthusiasm and courage. He set out to prowl the virtual P.R. realms of men, to seek an elite team of hand-picked, Hard bodied, hairy chested, rooting, tooting, shooting, parachuting, demolition double cap crimping bad ass mother fuckers. Who were willing to shut the fuck up, sit still and listen to his wisdom. Therefore growing and evolving into the filthy few, the backbone of the Platoon and Men worthy of ultimate respect.

Together they would forge the most professional Brotherhood in P.R. History, swift and deadly, altruistic and diplomatic, dedicated and loyal. Ruthless to their enemies, Stalwart to their allies. There was nothing they couldn’t do, No sky too high, No sea too rough, No muff too tough.

Their names were marked with the Tiger, forever linked to its destiny. Dreydel was the first man to become a member of the Platoon. He had a compatible mindset and a willingness to learn and became 2ic of the Platoon. Passing on what he had learned to those that came after him, which he still does to this day. Heed his words, follow his actions, borrow his bravery and recognise his service.

Stark, Rundle, Vølund and Hestad were harvested from the battlefield. All its best and brightest with the most potential to take on the challenge and stand together with Andersson and Dreydel. The standards were very high and the training extensive, comprehensive and rewarding. What they learned here they not only put to use in game, but in their own lives too. Since many went on to serve in the armed forces and they could recognise the valuable insight they had been granted by SSGT Andersson.

This is not a military academy, but it’s a place to learn from some great minds with unique experiences across various armed forces and countries. A rich, diverse history with genuinely friendly brothers who will help you crush your enemies, see them driven before you and listen to the lamentation of their women whilst we all drink beer from the skulls of our foes!

The names grew through 2009 and men like Korpi, Virta, Smalley and Costello made it through Tiger Platoons rigorous selection process and were added to the ranks, forever Tigers from that day to their last, their places reserved in the afterlife at the Tiger Platoon VIP table.

Competition was high amongst the P.R. community and standards had been defined, so the focus was on clan combat and operations both on individual levels and as squad/fire-team levels. The Tigers performed well and some of their work is still on YouTube as evidence of their deeds. Dedication, perseverance and courage are key, for each Tiger continues their training long after passing selection, as there is always something new to learn.

Every Tiger has a life beyond the Platoon and SSGT Andersson was sent to far off places to stop bad men doing bad things, whilst away the Platoon had to stand on its own two feet and continue the legacy laid out for them.

The NCO’s took command and continued to build and maintain the Platoon holding it together as Brothers do when asked to finish something their Father started. Quality over quantity was then, is now and will continue to be the motto for recruiting for Tiger Platoon. Like Henry the fifth said at Agincourt “The fewer men the greater share of honour.” and if you’re not a Tiger, your just prey waiting for your name to be called for lunch.

Over the next two years more potential Tigers were reaped from the P.R. servers, they were issued with their kit and sent off to pass or fail the selection process. Many of whom can still be found in the ranks and NCO’s today. Tigers like, Asikainen, Nørgaard, Hoogstraten, and Cramer joined the brotherhood. Legends like Michelsen, Olsen, Schwarzwald and Grootveld were added to the collective. Some taking on more responsibility and progressing to command level NCO’s. Others choosing to take the path of the enlisted man, maintaining the core backbone of the Platoon. All bringing their own unique blend of skill and talent to King Anderson’s round table all sworn to uphold the legacy of Tiger Platoon so help them *insert name of deity of choice*.

Twice more during this time SSGT Andersson was called away on active service, so the Platoon stood firm and held the line until relieved. Sustaining the Platoons presence and reputation in P.R Clan battles and public servers. Several other clans that started at the same time had long since dissipated due to fractures in leadership or a failure for the clan to bond as well as Tiger Platoon did. This is where the legacy started and Tiger Platoon became cemented and intertwined into the foundations of P.R.

Great Battles were won including the famous [TP] Last stand of Brecourt Manor. Where Michelsen earned his silver lifesaving ribbon in a ditch covered in mud, keeping the squad alive during an intense fire fight lasting over 40 minutes.

There were difficult times too where Tigers did not always concur, However that defines the difference between Tiger Platoon and other clans. They adapt, they overcome, they blaze a path for others to follow and they win for their team, their squad and each other. Tigers can never be defeated, you must kill them, they will never submit, they are predators at the top of the food chain.

The camaraderie, brotherhood, discipline and espirt de corps of Tiger platoon are forged in fire, set in stone and can never be eradicated. It is our duty lest we forget those who went before us and those thousands yet to come. Do you have what it takes to be a Tiger?

We look forth to the horizon for new worlds and new civilisations to explore and conquer. Ready for anything we may meet on the journey, be it friend, foe or filly worthy of flirtation.

The fewer men the greater share of honour, gods will pray me wish not one man more. Brother Proclaim it through my host that he which hath no stomach for this fight, let him depart, his passport shall be made and crowns for convoy put into his purse. We would not die in that man’s company that fears his fellowship to die with us.

The 11th of April will forever be known as Tiger day.

He that outlives this day and comes safe home shall stand tall when this day is named, he that shall see this day and live old age. Will yearly on the vigil, he shall feast his neighbours and say tomorrow is Tiger day, then he shall strip his sleeves and show his scars and say “These wounds I had on Tiger Day”

We few we happy few, we band of brothers, for he today who sheds his blood with me, shall be my brother be he neigh so vile, this day shall gentle his condition, and gentlemen on the Internet now abed will think themselves accursed they were not here and hold their manhood’s cheap whilst any Tiger speaks who fought with us on Tiger day!