Enlistment: Slayer

For public players aspiring to become a member of Tiger Platoon

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Enlistment: Slayer

Postby Slayer » Mon Nov 18, 2019 6:09 pm

Your in-game name: Slayer

Age : 16

Nationality : Swedish

Steam Name : Slayer https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheoEnarsson/

Military experience : Yes and No, im in the Swedish "cadets"/ försvarsutbildarna.

Preferred task in SQUAD : Rifleman

Past experience in form of clans, communities in Squad and in other games : Not in squad but pleanty of years on arma 3

Confirm that you are not in any other group, clan or community for any game : I confirm

Why you want to be part of Tiger Platoon (YOUR MOTIVATION) : I played with some of its members yesterday, and when I saw what you guys where doing I got really interested. Because I would like to play Squad with a more "serious" style and not just run around shooting at everything. But also I saw that the Squad Leaders actually knew what they where doing, planning, giving proper orders and it was really fun!

Confirm that you have SQUAD and a working headset : I confirm

How did you find out about the Platoon? : A game of Squad on CnL server, I got to play with Nörgaard, Pedersen, Cornelissen and a lot of others from TP.

Do you have a voucher? (Name of TP member who sent you here) : Cornelissen and Pedersen
Additional information :

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Re: Enlistment: Slayer

Postby [TP]Nørgaard » Tue Nov 19, 2019 12:03 am

Hi there Slayer!

Great to see you found your way to our website. We had some hard, but well fought rounds yesterday!
Well played, by the way.

As you may have read on our Aspirant page, we have an age limit on 21 Years of age. We do make exemptions, but only for applicants over the age 18.

You have the attitude and mindset we like. So if, in a year or two, you still play Squad, get back to us!

Untill then, you are always welcome to join us in-game if we have room in the Squads.

All the best, buddy

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